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    Best Education Practices

     Throughout my academic career, I have worked to identify best practices for increasing academic success of students, especially those that are from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Long before the term "achievement gap" became prevalant, I have worked to discover education practices that make a difference with helping first-generation college, poor, and historically-underrepresented students to enjoy the same level of success as priviledged studnets. 

    Best Education Practices Defined

    The phrase "best education practices" is used frequently, and too often in an unclear fashion.  Sometimes the phrase "best practice" is used to describe "my practice" without any evidence.  Click this link to read my thoughts on what a best education practice really is and where to find them.

    Supplemental Instruction and Postsecondary Peer Cooperative Learning Groups

    I have been involved in academic support services for college students since the early 1980s.  I helped to establish learning centers at several community colleges that employed tutors among other services.  Then I joined the staff at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the learning center that housed the Center for Supplemental Instruction.  I learned much from the SI programs around the world and how they innovated with their programs to serve not only the study group participants, but also the student leaders of those groups.  That work led me to develop an annotated bibliography of more than 1,100 publications that described and evaluated not only SI, but also other similar peer learning programs such as Peer-led Team Learning, Emerging Scholars Program, Structured Leanring Assistance, Peer Assisted Learning, Accelerated Learning Groups, and Video-based Supplemental Instruction.  Click this link for bibliograpnhy I created.

    Learning Assistance and Developmental Education

    I have had the rare priveledge to have learned directly from the founders of the modern-day learning assistance and developmental education approaches to serving student academic needs.  Leaders like Frank Christ, Martha Maxwell, John Gardner, Hunter Boylan, and Claire Ellen Weistein taught me much how to provide effective programs to meet their needs.  Click this link for their best practices.

    GEAR UP and TRIO Best Practices

    My most recent work has been helping to identify, validate, and disseminate best education practices from GEAR UP and TRIO federally-funded programs that they have used to serve their first-generation college, academically disadvantaged, and historically underrepresented students.  Their best practices are useful for any students in secondary or postsecondary institutions.  Click this link for a directory that describes how to implement their best practices.