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    Postsecondary Education (General)

    Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Links

    General Directory of Web Links:

    Individual College Research Offices:

    Evaluation Centers:



    Data Sources:

    Listserv Discussion Groups (See separate link section for a more complete list):

    • Assessment Listserv (Policy Center for FYE) 

    Sample of Major Organizations Related to Postsecondary Education

    Resources Related to Education in General

    A. General Education Sites:

    • Education Virtual Library. Lists education related Web sites alphabetically and by education level, resources provided, country, and type of site.
    • ERIC Virtual Library The ERIC database is the most complete resource to identifying education research. Up to 40 citations can be downloaded with each search by key term.
    • FedWorld. This site contains links with hundreds of other government sites.
    • Global Campus. A wide range of free curriculum materials including images, sounds, text, and video to be used form nonprofit educational purposes.
    • Homework Central.  Access to this site is free for stucdents and educators.  Resources include:  research for 2,200 school study subjects, each link is hand-picked, over 8,000 teacher lesson plans by grade and subject; and much more.
    • Postsecondary Education Opportunity.  This website disseminates information from the paid newsletter of the same name.  The site provides policy-relevant information on opportunity for postsecondary education and training.  Common topics include:  demographic analysis of enrollment issues; policy analysis of government or institutional decisions that foster or impede access to education; and analysis of social or economic conditions.
    • Schoolwork.  References, biographies, and encyclopedia links.
    • U.S. Department of Education. This is the home page for the USDOE. It provides a gateway to many resources related to education at all levels.
    • WebMuseum. A global list of museum resources on the Web.

    B. Cultural Diverse Education Resources

    • African Studies WWW (U-Penn) A comprehensive directory of on-line resources for African and black studies. The site features links to direct news feeds from Africa, a multimedia resource library, and on-line directories.
    • American Life Histories From the 1930s A searchable, full-text archive of 2,900 life histories recorded in the late 1930s by the Federal Writers' Project. Administered by the Library of Congress as part of the American Memory project.
    • American Slave Narratives Transcripts of interviews with a dozen former American slaves conducted in the 1930s by employees of the Works Progress Administration.
    • Archives of African American Music and Culture Indiana University at Bloomington's Department of Afro-American Studies offers a searchable discography of 2,500 commercial sound recordings of African-American music. Also features a gallery of photographs of noted black musicians.
    • Asian-American Writers' Workshop. Provides a schedule of forthcoming Asian-literature readings in selected U.S. cities, brief excerpts from the Asian Pacific American Journal, and information about writing workshops throughout the United States. World-Wide Web:
    • Asian Studies Network Information Center A guide to Asian-studies programs at the University of Texas at Austin, including syllabi for more than a dozen courses. Also provides extensive information on Asian countries and other Asian-studies resources on the Internet.
    • Black-Studies Collections An on-line guide to African-studies and African-American-studies collections in more than 25 campus libraries in the University of California system. The guide includes references, links to collections at other institutions, maps of Africa, and U.S. government documents.
    • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System A data base of names of black soldiers who served with Union forces during the American Civil War. The site also provides information about the black units and their role in the war.
    • Indigenous Peoples Literature.  Site has stories, poetry, quotes, famous people, and more from native peoples.
    • The Kamusi Project: The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary. A collobrative project to establish new dictionaries of the Swahili language. The site contains a description of the project, a bibliography of Swahili resources, and a Swahili-English dictionary.
    • Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project. Features biographical information about Martin Luther King, Jr., a comprehensive bibliography of his writings, and the texts of selected speeches and letters.
    • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Home Page Provides users with information on membership in the association and on its history and programs. Users can locate regional headquarters, retrieve press releases and position statements, or read about Kweisi Mfume, the organization's national president.
    • Race, Ethnicity, and Politics A World-Wide Web site that focuses on research related to African-American, Asian-American, Latino, and American Indian people. It includes information on meetings, a link to subscribe to the "Race-Pol" mailing list, and related information. Created by the American Political Science Association.
    • U.S. Census Bureau Site Offers access to almost all the demographic data in the Census Bureau's archives, including population data from the 1990 census. FTP: login: anonymous password: Your e-mail address Telnet:
    • The University of Pennsylvania African-Studies Program's World-Wide Web Site Presents a myriad of useful, well-organized materials, including an extensive archive of documents and grant information.
    • World African Network Online World-Wide Web site offers news, cultural resources, and information on business, telecommunications, entertainment, and community and life-style issues in the African diaspora. It also features 24 discussion groups.

    C. Humanities Sites:

    D. Mathematics, Science and Engineering Sites:

    • American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.
    • American Mathematical Society.
    • Ask Dr. Math.
    • Association for Women in Mathematics.
    • Calculus Graphs. A site containing graphics for the calculus classroom.
    • Chance. This site supports not only the Chance approach to teaching statistics but also the more traditional college introductory courses to probability and statistics. It contains materials that use current newspapers and journals to provide students with realistic probability and statistics problems.
    • Chemistry Hypermedia Project. Tutorials on a variety of chemistry topics.
    • Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics. Common errors made by college-level students in mathematics.
    • Extend.  This is a national forum on mathematics education.  It provides a means for conducting meaningful dialog on new perspectives on pedagogy.
    • Geometry Center has interactive web applications.  http://www.geom/edu/welcome.html
    • Geometry Forum. The forum has four main divisions: (1) student center with problems of the week; (2) teacher's place with resources; (3) research division; and (4) parents and citizens section.
    • Graphics for the Calculus Classroom.  This site has a collection of graphical demonstrations that can be used in a first-year calculus course.
    • History of Mathematics. This site contains biographies on more than 1,000 mathematicians.
    • History of Mathematics.
    • Math Forum.  Resources are organized by subject area.
    • Math Wright Library.  This is a free collection of interactive math and science books that you can download.
    • Mathematical Association of America.
    • Mathematics Archives. The archive provides links to an extensive list of math sites.
    • Mathematical Sciences Career Information. This site is a joint project of the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Its purpose is to provide information on nonacademic careers in the mathematical sciences.
    • National College Teachers of Mathematics.
    • Purdue Calculus Reform Project.  Calculsu, Concepts, Computers & Cooperative Learning (C4L).
    • StatLib.  This site is the homepage for the Carnegie Mellon University statistics department with links to other sites like the American Statistical Association.

    E. Miscellenaeous Education Sites:

    • Stanford Testing Systems (STS). STS, maker of Stanford Studyguide Software, offers it TestPrep software on the Web. STS claims that users will find 95 percent of the software's content and 85 percent of its interactiveness at the Web site.
    • World Lecture Hall. Listing of faculty use of the Web by discipline, from accounting to zoology.
    • WWWEDUC Home Page. An unmoderated discussion on the use of the WWW in education.

    F. Directory of Colleges and Schools:

    • American Universities.  A single source with links to hundreds of American colleges and universities.  Also connects to homepages of community colleges, Canadian institutions, and international universities.
    • College and University Home Pages. A very comprehensive listing of Web sites maintained by colleges and universities.
    • Peterson's Guide to Colleges. Secondary schools, vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities, graduate and professional schools, executive management programs, distance learning, and career information