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Access at Crossroads: Learning Assistance in Higher Ed., D. Arendale   Click this web link to learn about my recent book

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    Free eBooks to Download

    This web page will provide information and links to download free eBooks that I and my colleagues are distributing to share our scholarship.  In addition, a web link will also take you to a blog where draft portions of those eBooks will be posted for comments by readers.  We think this is a great way to involve potential readers in our writing project.

    Universal Design for Learning:  Building Bridges of College Access

    Our vision for the eBook is to share practical strategies for openning access and supporting academic success for all students enrolled in introductory college courses and student service units.  Here are several previously published articles ono UDL by me and my colleagues:


    Guide to iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV Apps for Personal and Professional Use

    I am working to take my current guide to apps and make an eBook version of it.  The PDF version of the document is available for free download throguh the following website <Click on this link to download the PDF version of the guide.>


    Best Education Practices for Student Access and Achievement

    A collection of promising and validated education practices for increasing academic academic access and student success have been identified by the EOA National Best Practices Center (  These practices will be placed into both a PDF and an eBook for free download.  In the meantime, check out the website ro read them and download individually,


    Postsecondary Peer Cooperative Learning Programs

    I am working to put together a collection of previously published and new material for an eBook that is focused on Supplemental Instruction developed at the Unviersity of Missouri-Kansas City and the Peer Assisted Learning Program at the University of Minnesota.  In the meantime, check out some free resources associated with this topic: