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    Universal Learning Design (ULD): Increasing Success for All

    ULD transforms the classroom learning environment to support all learners by breaking down potential barriers and enriching the experience for all students. Rather than only providing enhancements to students with disabilities, those enhancements are embedded into the class structure to benefit all enrolled students. The following links identify resources to explore this topic more deeply.

    David Arendale, "Eliminating barriers to student achievement and retention." Presentation from the 2007 Noel-Levitz National Conference on Student Retention, Orlando, FL Link to materials associated with the presentation:


    Online Publications and Training Materials:

    Link to PASS-IT Grant Web Page
    PASS IT seeks to address a compelling need in higher education by developing a corps of trainers to facilitate professional development workshops in the implementation of Universal Design (UD) and Universal Instructional Design (UID) in higher education. UID, an adaptation of the architectural concept of Universal Design, is a relatively new model for providing access to higher education for students with disabilities. Through UD and UID, staff and faculty create more welcoming spaces for all students by rethinking professional practices to develop curricula and programs that are inclusive for all learners. When faculty and staff implement UD and UID as they begin planning for a course, program, or activity by taking into consideration the strengths and challenges of all students, they reduce or eliminate the need to provide last-minute accommodations or to segregate students on the basis of individual needs. As the grant continues, more publicaitons will be available for free downloading from this web site.

    Link to CTAD Book and Training Manual
    Curriculum Transformation and Disability (CTAD), a collaboration of the University of Minnesota's General College and Disability Services, was designed to help postsecondary faculty make their classes more accessible to all students, including students with disabilities. The CTAD workshop uses the model of Universal Instructional Design, which encourages faculty to provide alternatives in their curricula that will make it accessible to a wide range of students from a variety of backgrounds. CTAD completed its project activities in July, 2003, with the publication of the Curriculum Transformation and Disability Workshop Facilitator's Guide. A variety of publications are available to download for free from this web site.

    Link to CRDEUL Web Page
    The Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy (CRDEUL), in partnership with both The College of Education and Human Development and the former General College (now named the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning) at the University of Minnesota, promotes and develops multidisciplinary theory, research, and practice in postsecondary developmental education and urban literacy. Important publications available for free downloading from this site include the General College Vision book (distributed to all Noel Levtiz conference attendees) and an annual monograph series that often focuses on increasing student academic achievement and graduation rates. This monograph series features authors and researchers from across the U.S. in additon to faculty and staff from the Univresity of Minnesota.