Course Introduction and the Forces of History at Work

The most important unit in the course is the first one. It is a time for the students and I to talk and learn about each other. I introduce the "forces of history" concept which will be repeated throughout the course units. Central Question for the Unit: What are the forces of change in history? 

Course Lecture PowerPoint Slides and Other Materials

Course Lecture Video Recordings

Required Readings and Media

None assigned for the first class period. We use the articles for discussion identified in the previous section, Course Lecture PP Slides and Other Materials.

Unit Activities

These are activities that occur either during class meetings or outside of class.

  • Past History Forces Reflection (Word) Students reflect about the nine history forces they just learned and apply them to the past five years with the world, the U.S., and influence upon their personal decisions and experiences.

Supplemental Learning Materials (Not required for major exams)