Learning Technology in the Curriculum Resources

These are an assortment of no-cost and low-cost technology resources I often reference during articles and workshops. A number of these have been used in my college introductory history course. I also reference some of them in my articles and webinars related to Universal Design for Learning.

resources for Learning Technologies

Directories of favorite instructional and learning technologies by others.

  • <Newly Updated> Directory of Learning Technologies Short description of learning technologies and web links to more information about them. All the technologies described during my articles and workshop are also located here plus many more. Some of these will fade away as new ones emerge to replace them.

  • Teacher Training Videos by Russell Stannard The videos are useful for the classroom and personal use. Mr. Stannard is a master teacher and created the most comprehensive set of video tutorials for many software programs useful in education. Visit this website and subscribe to his YouTube channel. He is the best.

  • Podcasting Resources. Website maintained by David Arendale focused on use of podcastings in the classroom.

Organizations related to instructional and learning technologies

Mobile Learning: Apps for Smartphones and Tablet Computers

Mobile learning includes smartphones, tablet computers, and projects at colleges promoting mobile learning.


This resource list includes creating and distributing eBooks, locating free or discounted eBooks, and eTextbooks.

Social Media

A collection of resources about social media. See other categories such as "video tutorials" for items related to this category.


Items related to best practices with web sites, resources for web sites, and other items.

  • Award winning learning assistance center websites Through an annual competition, more than 1,600+ from ten countries were identified based on stringent guidelines for best practices of web sites.

  • Criteria for Award Winning Learning Center Web Sites This is the criteria for evaluating learning center web sites for the annual recognition program conducted by LSCHE and the National College Learning Centers Association.

  • Monsters University website Based on the movie by the same name, the movie studio created a rich web site that provided examples of good features of effective educational websites. Plus, it is very smart and funny. The website is down but the videos are available through YouTube page dedicated to MU. Enjoy.

  • Create a Website in Five Minutes by Russell Stannard Google "Sites" has been significantly improved to allow you to create a very professional website integrating text, photos, and video in just minutes.

Research Studies on Learning Technologies

Collection of research studies and reports about learning technologies.


Resources for creating digital stories through Animoto, GoAnimate, and other software programs.

Video Annotation

Software programs like VideoANT and VidBolt allow users to add text annotation to videos for academic engagement and deeper critical thinking.