Digital Story Telling for Class

I use the digital story-telling software by Animoto ( for academic purposes in my college global history course. Some of the short videos are ones of my creation to review course material. Others are constructed by the students to tell a short video story about a history topic of importance to them. Go to the Animoto web site,, to learn more about the software and how other educators are using it from elementary through college. 

Instructor-created digital stories for the classroom

These videos are based on my college class PP lecture slides. I export the Microsoft PP show into JPEG format. PP creates a new folder with each individual slide turned into a separate JPEG image which I upload into Animoto to create the digital story.

Student-created digital stories for the classroom

These were created by students in my global studies course to share a history topic of personal importance. On average, videos required between one and two hours to complete using Animoto. This is a sample of videos produced over the past decade. I received permission from some of the students to integrate their video into a future class session the next academic term to preview the lecture topic or conclude a lecture with a dramatic final video. Students responded so powerfully to the videos that were created by their classmates. One semester I screened them (it was a voluntary activity so all students did not participate). Then, the class pretended it was the Oscars and voted on the best. No doubt, the top learning event in the class for many of them.