(S01-E06) Sir Winston Churchill Christmas Eve Greeting 1941

In this podcast episode, we feature a rebroadcast of a radio speech by Sir Winston Churchill on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1941. The dramatic timing of the speech was that it was aired live just two weeks after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. As I record this podcast episode a few days before Christmas Eve, I am mindful of the recent terrorist attacks using cars, minivans, and trucks against civilians around the world. A few weeks ago, a terrorist college student drove a vehicle into a crowd of students at Ohio State University killing nearly ten. A few days ago, a terrorist stole a semi-trailer truck and drove into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, killing and injuring more than 50. A day or two later another terrorist drove a van filled with explosive gas bottles into an Australian Christmas lobby office. Four have just died when a minivan crashed into a farmer’s market in Beijing. And who can forget the ongoing genocide at the hands of ISIL and others with the civilians in Syria. It can be difficult to think about Christmas with widespread death occurring around the world at the hands of terrorists who are often targeting Christians at this time of the year. Perhaps words from Sir Winston Churchill can help us understand how we can pause to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ even as mayhem is occurring around the world. Click this link for a PDF transcript of Mr. Churchill's speech.