Revolution by shifting from teaching to learning

Lazerson, M., Wagener, U., & Shumanis, N. (1999). What makes a revolution: Teaching and learning in higher education, 1980-2000. Stanford, CA: National Center for Postsecondeary Improvement, Stanford University. Retrieved July 4, 2004, from
The authors provide a review of the literature concerning trends and major writers on teaching and learning during the 1980s and 1990s. Some of the cited leaders are Alexander Astin, Derek Bok, Richard Light, Ernest Boyer, K. Patricia Cross, and Lee Shulman. The authors argue that a major paradigm shift occurred from the preoccupation from teaching to a focus on student learning and mastery. A summary of this long report was published by the authors in Change Magazine, May/June 2000, Volume 32, Number 3, pp. 12-19.