Links Between Community Colleges and Four-Year Institutions

Furlong, T., & Fleishman, S. (2000). College preparatory program agreements between state universities and community colleges: A Level 1 review. Tallahassee, FL: Florida State Board of Community Colleges. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED440716). There is increased discussion among state policy makers to differentiate missions of public two-year and four-year institutgions. Some of these discussions include placing access programs and developmental education primarily with two-year institutions. Such an arrangement occured decades ago in the Florida public higher education system.
This report reviews the long history of college preparatory programs offered to state university students in Florida through partnerships with local community colleges. Courses are offered either at the community college or by the community college on the university campus. Results of the study suggest that: (1) administration of the college-university agreements are sound; (2) communication between sectors is adequate; (3) there are not problems with delivery of services to students; (4) community colleges are perceived to be best suited for delivery of remedial instruction; and (5) the majority of students successfully perform college-level coursework after completing college preparatory courses.