Accelerated Learning Groups

Stansbury, S. (2001). Accelerated Learning Groups enhance Supplemental Instruction for at-risk students. Journal of Developmental Education, 24(3), 20-22, 24, 26, 28, 40.
In order to both increase Supplemental Instruction (SI) attendance by a wider range of students and improve academic achievement, Accelerated Learning Groups (ALGs) were developed. A pilot study investigated whether at-risk students who participated in an ALG/SI combination demonstrated higher self-efficacy and SI attendance than those who participated in only SI. Results suggested that at-risk students were more likely to participated in 12 or more SI sessions if they attended an ALG/SI combination than if they attended only SI. In addition, the range of final grades was higher for those who attended an ALG/SI combination than for those who attended only SI. The development of prerequisite skills was essential for the efficacy of SI to serve academically underprepared students who may shun the very academic intervention that would be of most help to them. Additional research is warranted to investigate this area.