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Current and former leaders of the field of developmental education and learning assistance have issued a strategic review of the field and provided recommendations for its improvement. The report is available from the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) website, At the same website is a link to a web-based discussion forum for public comment and conversation of the report and the issues that are raised.
Current and past national leaders representing the major professional organizations involved with developmental education and learning assistance created the report. These leaders were appointed to a task force called the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) by the American Council of Developmental Education Associations (ACDEA). ACDEA charged the BRC with to conduct a strategic analysis of the profession and to report findings for guidance regarding potential planning decisions by the ACDEA member organizations. This report is intended as a catalyst for conversation and reflection at this crucial time.

For additional information, contact David Arendale, Chair of the BRC [612-625-2928], Dr. Hunter Boylan, Chair of the ACDEA [828- 262-6100], or any of the other BRC members. Contact information for these individuals is available through the BRC website,