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Barajas, H. L. (2001). Is developmental education a racial project? Considering race relationships in developmental education spaces. In D. B. Lundell, & J. L. Higbee (Eds.), Theoretical perspectives for developmental education (pp. 65-74). Minneapolis, MN: Center for Research in Developmental Education and Urban Literacy, General College, University of Minnesota. Retrieved July 4, 2004, from: research/crdeul/publications.htm
The author states in the preface to the article that as a sociologist teaching in a developmental education unit, it was clear that both disciplines, sociology and education, revolved around White theories, create spaces that are inherently White, and create a culture of Whiteness that is more apt to study persons of color than to utilize their skills, talents, and ideas. The theoretical arguments and empirical evidence in this article explore the possibility that schools are what critical theory terms a racial project in which everyday school experiences and the school process are racially organized. Often, participants in racial projects silences students of color, and creates barriers to resources much like gendered spaces silence and create barriers for women.