Selecting the Most Appropriate Peer Learning Program

Following is a link to a presentation that I delivered at the 2009 Noel-Levitz Conference on Student Recruitment and Retention. The presentation focused on a decision-making system for selecting the most appropriate peer learning program for a campus. After sharing a system for analyzing not only the proposed academic intervention, but also the capacity of the campus to support the innovation, an overview is provided for seveal of the major national models in peer assisted learning (PAL): Emerging Scholars Program, Peer-led Team Learning, Structured Learning Assistance, Supplemental Instruction, and Video-based Supplemental Instruction. Click on the following link to download the PDF handout of the presentation.
NL 2009 PAL Programs, Choosing the Most Effective Model.pdf

Go to my other blog page, Peer Assisted Learning Groups ("": Links on the right hand side of this blog also provide links to other helpful resources regarding PAL programs. The annotated bibliography of PAL programs provides a summary of all the publications related to the major PAL programs. An updated version of the annotated bibliography will be posted by the end of August 2009. Check back then.