Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Podcast

Interviews with students serving as college study group leaders is the focus of the newest audio podcast that I am producing. At the University of Minnesota, we call these study groups by the title, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) groups. More than a dozen of them were interviewed by me and those conversations are published on a weekly basis. Each short interview featues background about the student leader, favorite learning activities that they employ during the study sessions, and what they are learning from the experience both personally and professionally. If you have the Apple Corporation iTunes software installed on your computer, you can subscribe by clicking on the following link, If you do not have the iTunes software already installed on your cojmputer, go to and it can be installed for free. If you do not want to subscribe, individual episodes can be listened to by clicking on the web link at the PALgroups Podcast web site, There are plenty of links to other resources there as well. Enjoy.