Updated Annotated Bibliography of Postsecondary Peer Cooperative Learning Programs Available


As part of my research, I maintain an annotated bibliography on the five major postsecondary peer cooperative learning programs: Emerging Scholars Program (ESP, Treisman Model), Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL, City College New York), Structured Leanring Assistance (SLA, Ferris College Model), Supplemental Instruction (SI, UMKC Model), and Video-based Supplemental Instruction (VSI, UMKC Model). I released an earlier version in 2005 and placed it in the online ERIC Database maintained by the Department of Education. Since then, I have added nearly 100 pages of new annotated references for these five programs. The most citations continue to be SI, however as a percentage basis the PLTL model is growing more quickly in the professional literature.

You might this a helpful resource for tutoring programs, peer learning programs, and scholars who publish on this topic area. It is free and available at http://z.umn.edu/peerbib No doubt I have missed some references (there are nearly 1,000). Please let me know about them and I will revise the bibliography and post to the same web address as the current version.

Take care, David