Best Education Practice: Assessment Tools for Equal Opportunity Center TRIO Programs

Post Assessment Evaluation Tool for EOC Programs.  Wichita State University (KS) (approved Promising Practice 9/25/13)  Taken from the abstract:  "There is a perennial need to develop assessment tools for TRIO program services in general and Educational Opportunity Centers (COE) program services in particular. The post-service assessment tool for an EOC program is designed to help EOC staff and administrators to use a generic tool and collect relevant evaluation data to assess and seek improvement in the quality of services. The goals of this practice is: 1) to develop a generic quantitative survey based tool to assess service efficacy; 2) to measure the self-reported learning outcomes of the EOC services; 3) to assess the efficacy of the EOC staff in providing these services."  [Click on this web link to download the education practice.]