Best Education Practice: Planning Effective College Tours for High School Students

Planning Effective College Tours for High School Students Wichita State University (KS) (approved Promising Practice 9/25/13)  Taken from the abstract:  "Conducting college campus visits for aspiring postsecondary students is a common practice for many high school-to-college bridge programs.  The approach taken by the Communications Upward Bound (CUB) program at Wichita State University has developed an effective means to make this process highly efficient and effective for its’ students.  Rather than accepting the standard campus visit program by the host college that all visiting colleges experience, the CUB programs works collaboratively with the institution to customize the experience based on the needs and interests of the students.  This approach has increased student interest and engagement in comparison to previous years when the campus visits were not differentiated and customized." [Click on this web link to download the education practice.]