Best Education Practice: Structured Study Hall Days at College Campus by UB Students

Structured Study Hall Days at College Campus by UB Students.  Wichita State University (KS)  (approved Promising Practice10/20/13)  The Communication Upward Bound’s (CUB) model supports high school student success through a variety of carefully coordinated activities.  One of them is “Study Hall Days”, a structured study hall hosted on the Wichita State University campus when public school classes are not in session.  Most high school students remain at home or only come to the school for athletic team practices when school officials have in-service days for staff development or professional meetings.  Research studies document the adverse effects this interruption on their learning.  The CUB model of Study Hall Days creates an activity-rich learning environment for them.  Several activities include:  (1) use of supplemental curriculum materials to deepen understanding of current topics in their classes including use of the ComFit Online Learning Center, (2) private tutorial sessions with CUB tutors and staff members, (3) practice on time management and metacognitive skills to strengthen their development as autonomous learners and proficiency with self-directed learning, (4) attendance of college classes related to their future academic majors, (5) interactions with college faculty members and students, and (6) preparing for college entrance and course placement assessments.  These activities groom participants to higher success in high school and college.  [Click on this link to download this best education practice.]