Best Educatiion Practice: Summer Program Curriculum for Middle School Students

Summer Program Curriculum for Middle School Students
.  Wichita State University (KS)  (approved Promising Practice 9/25/13)  Taken from the abstract:  "The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is designed to assist students in improving learning skills and provide college awareness while they develop a sense of achievement by knowledge and motivation.  The goals of the SEP is to 1) prepare students for postsecondary education; 2) improve students' attitudes toward learning and education in general; and 3) reduce learning loss that some students experience during summer vacation.  Research has shown that students' skills and knowledge often deteriorate during the summer months, with low-income students facing the largest losses. Instruction during the summer has the potential to stop these losses and propel students toward higher achievement."  [Click on this web link to download the education practice.]