Achieving the Dream Intervention Showcase Opens for Use


Learn how Achieving the Dream Colleges promote student success and improve student outcomes across the nation. To get started, click the help button or start exploring. The Interventions Showcase is an information dashboard with 3 different tabs, each presenting a different view of the data that colleges have provided about how they strive to improve student outcomes. Review the 4 simple steps below to learn how to get the most out of the Showcase. [Click on this link for the Intervention Showcase.]  [Click on this link for the official press release and link to a video overview of the web site resources.]

The database is composed of nearly 500 interventions from over 100 of the official Achieving the Dream colleges. The database can be used by anyone, but only ATD member institutions can access the contact person at the institution for more information about the intervention. In any case, it is still valuable to see what others are doing and the brief descriptions are helpful to guide anyone with their search of interventions that perhaps fit a particular kind of institution and serving a specific demographic group.

Congratulations to ATD for making their vast knowledge base morer accessible. Perhaps in future years the database will be expanded with more information and perhaps providing the contact person for the institution. A little sleuthing at the institution's web site or calling general telephone for the college might aim you to the correct person or least the sponsoring unit.

Using the Interventions Showcase, you can browse and search by:
 Content Area (e.g. English, Math)
 Type (e.g. Advising, First-Year Experience)
 Target Population (e.g First-Time Students)
 IPEDS Institutional Characteristics (e.g. Locale, Size)


Background on ATD:

  • Mission: Achieving the Dream is a national reform network dedicated to community college student success and completion; focused primarily on helping low-income students and students of color complete their education and obtain market-valued credentials.

  • Vision: To lead the most comprehensive, evidence-based reform movement for community college student success in higher education history, resulting in significantly improved lives and greater global economic competitiveness for the United States.

  • Values: Evidence-based, student centered, and built on the values of equity and excellence, Achieving the Dream, Inc. embraces continuous improvement, fosters creativity and innovation, and operates with transparency and respect.