Top Rated New Activities TRIO Leaders Want for Their Programs

In spring 2012 MAEOPP surveyed its members regarding what education practices they wanted for their programs.  The information is categorized by highest priority and also by category.  This information might be helpful for MAEOPP members as they consider education practices to submit from their own programs.  

Practices requested by more than half of the survey responders:

  • Financial literacy curriculum and activities
  • Strategies for raising retention rates of students within the program
  • Leadership development
  • Study skills building workshops or courses
  • Methods of assessing students for academic advisement
  • Improved attitudes towards learning
  • Improved student confidence
  • Effective methods for tracking students after program completion
  • Career exploration activities and classes
  • Holistic assessments of students (example uses could be for program admission, academic advisement, or other program purposes)
  • Job shadowing activities
  • Career interest assessments and activities

  [Click on this link to download the two-page survey results.]