Advocating for Buildup of American Airpower, 1943, Disney

Following is a description from another YouTuber who shared the video, "This is a unique film in Disney Production's history. This film is essentially a propaganda film selling Major Alexander de Seversky's theories about the practical uses of long range strategic bombing. Using a combination of animation humorously telling about the development of air warfare, the film switches to the Major illustrating his ideas could win the war for the allies." I found the 1943 insightful more for future innovations with airpower than its immediate goals. It forecasts the use of weapons of mass destruction which was demonstrated by dropping the A Bomb, fighter bombers based in the U.S. with capacity to hit military targets throughout the world. Some of the B1 and B2 bombers in the Iraq War were based in Missouri. This video starts a little slow so hold on for the second half. It is remarkable.