Expanded 2016 Directory of Apple iPad apps for classroom and personal life

Click this link to download the 2016 Directory of nearly 600 Apple iPad apps for classroom and personal life. 

This document provides an overview of the iPads apps I have found useful as an educator and in my personal life.  Most of the apps were free, some cost a dollar or two.  I have a separate section in the directory for the apps used in my college history course as well as current history events that are also integrated into class sessions.

Some of the Apple iPhone and Apple TV apps on those iOS devices will download to your iPad.  This automatic downloading only occurs if the iOS devices have the automatic downloading enabled through the settings of the iOS device.  I have noticed that some Apple TV apps will download to the iPad but not to the iPhone.  This may have to do with whether they can display on the smaller iPhone screen than the larger iPad.

Features of the Apple iPad

There are four features of the Apple iPad I find compelling in comparison with other desktop or laptop computers:

  • Due to its slim design and modest weight, mobility is a key feature.  I carry around the home and use in different places.  Rather than feeling burdened by its constant connection to the Internet through WI-FI, I use it frequently as a resource to enhance other parts of my life.
  • For me, the touch screen with the iPad is an enjoyable way to interact with the device.  This tactile interaction with the iPad is different from use of a traditional keyboard and a mouse.
  • Ease and enjoyment of reading has been increased since I can use the touch screen easily with my fingers to enlarge the image or text to increase readability and focus attention.  While the pinch and zoom feature is not available through all apps, nearly all of them allow easy increase or decrease of text size as well as changing the font and the background color of the publication.
  • The apps. With the total approaching two million to select from, there is an app for nearly everything.  While creating an app requires great skill, it has opened opportunities for many more software designers to share their applications for free or very modest cost.  The app store through Apple provides a very democratic way for people to widely share their work with others.

Check the App Store Often

This abridged directory contains apps that are often free and are of my interest and taste.  With additional ones being added weekly, this directory does not try to be inclusive of all of them.  You can go to the official Apple App store and use the options on the top menu bar to search all apps by name, category, and whether paid or free  I also downloaded some apps noted below that focus on identifying the newest and best apps.  I have noticed that some apps are free for the first week or two they are introduced and then they become paid only.  I think this is done to generate positive buzz and reviews in the App Store to encourage future consumers to purchase them.  I have made it a game to check out the official App Store every few days.

Click this link to download the 2016 Directory of nearly 600 Apple iPad apps for classroom and personal life.