Personal Music Videos

I create short music videos of my vacation trips and other events. The online software service that creates these videos is Animoto (  It costs $30 annually and is worth every penny. I also use Animoto to make entertaining history music videos to review units in my global history course.

Vacation Trips

Frequently I travel with my long-time friends, Pat and Mary. You will often see them features in the videos while I am behind the camera and unseen.

Assorted Music Videos

These videos features holiday videos, wildlife encounters, and the like.

  • Christmas Greetings from My Brother and His Cats This holiday video features photos of two cats my brother rescued while they were just a few months old. They had such long ears as babies. They are a pair of brother and sister cats.

  • My "Deer" Valentine Video Two weeks before Valentine's Day a few years ago a female deer camped out in my backyard next to my home. She slept next to the house during the day and explored at night. She disappeared on Valentine's Day.

  • Animal Friends My friend Sydney enjoys sharing photographs of animals. I mixed these together using a template from Animoto called "Friends".

  • Christmas video I used one of the templates from Animoto to use holiday images to create an online Christmas card for family and friends.

  • Holiday Video A Christmas video using a template from Animoto to organize images. I also dropped in 10 second video clips of animated toys as well.

  • College Learning Community Project: Speech, Science, and History As a final project in a college learning community involving the same students enrolled in a speech, biology, and my history class, they worked on the Scopes Monkey Trial and did a public dramatic reading from the play.