Podcasting Resources to Create or Listen/View

Since 2006, my students and I have produced a podcast to accompany our global history course. I continue that history podcast and added two more. One is replaying historic speeches and the other one is about peer assisted learning groups. Below are resources to support you becoming a podcaster too. One of my lessons is to make it a team effort to produce them. Involve your students.

Articles about Use of Podcasting

Each of these articles provide an overview of podcasting and how it can be used in education. I base my experiences of its use in my Global History course at the University of Minnesota.

Power Point Presentations

The following are PP presentations that provide a basic overview of podcasting and its applications. At some point I will create a narrated PP version. For now, here are the PP slides.

Tools for Learning How to Podcast

This section identifies books, podcasts, and websites that provide how-to instructions to begin podcasting. Also software and free online music that can be played on podcasts is provided.

  • Books and Websites with How-to Instructions to PodcastThis list provides information how to podcast. Don't be like me and think you have to read or listen to everything before starting. Just get started. Involve your students, children, and others to help produce the podcast.

  • Computer Software, Online Tools, and Free Music Sources These software and cloud-based sources will provide you the basic tools needed to podcast. You will learn more through trial and error than trying to read or listen to everything first. Involve others with production, especially students.

  • Podcasts for Learning How to Podcast This document provides a sample of the podcasts devoted to serving the podcast producing community. I have noted several that are highly recommended.

  • Directory of Learning Technologies Short description of learning technologies and web links to more information about them. Some of them are links for resources needed to create a podcast. All the technologies described during my articles and workshop are also located here plus many more. Some of these will fade away as new ones emerge to replace them.

How I Organize and Record My Podcasts

I use an outline to guide me how I organize and record my podcasts. I make them much more complicated than needed, but I enjoy the design process. For me, podcasting is also an enjoyable hobby.

  • Then and Now, Global History Podcast This document provides an overview of the different ways I organize the history podcast. I recommend that new podcasters start simple and then add complexity later if wanted. I enjoy the creative part of podcasting.

  • PAL Groups This podcast is focused on serving the learning needs of the small group tutors at my home institution. The document provides an overview of how I organize each of the ten minute podcast interviews with the student leaders of these groups.

Sample Audio and Video Podcasts

These podcasts are ones that I have enjoyed and learned technique from. Go to the Google Play Store or the iTunes Podcast Directory to search among the more than 1.5 million other podcasts.

  • David's Three Podcasts This web page provides links to subscribe to David's three podcasts with a wide variety of subscription services.

  • History Podcasts As a history teacher, I listen to quite a few history podcasts. These are the ones that I sample throughout the year. If only I could be as good as them. :-)