Please Read Immediately to Sort Through the Previous 240+ Episodes

Thank you for your interest in the podcast created by my students and me. It has been a labor of love since 2006. I recently changed to Libsyn to host the podcast. That you see nearly 240 episodes uploaded for all 13 seasons since 2006. While the primary purpose of this podcast was to serve as a study support for the students as they prepared for major exams, they also had opportunity to create special podcasts. This may be of the highest interest to you. You can easily find the special podcasts by using the “categories” tab in you visit the podcast blog page at the tab is located in the upper-left side just below the podcast banner image. You can also identity these podcasts if looking at those downloaded by looking for “Special Podcast”, “Music Video…” or something like that rather than referring to the week’s topic (WWII..) Please download this PDF document for more information. Thanks for listening. Send feedback back to me at David Arendale, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota