Best Practices in Developmental Education

Boylan, H. R. (2002). What works: Research-based best practices in developmental education. Boone, NC: Continuous Quality Improvement Network with the National Center for Developmental Education.. A summary of this document retrieved July 30, 2006 from The book is based upon the Exxon National Study of Developmental Education which was the most comprehensive study conducted. Best practices were identified through analysis of student outcomes of nearly 150 institutions across the U.S. For example, the following instructional practices were identified as best practices: learning communities; accommodation of diversity through varied instructional methods; use of Supplemental Instruction; provide frequent testing opportunities; use of technology in moderation; provide frequent and timely feedback; use of mastery learning; link developmental course content to college level requirements; share instructional strategies; teach critical thinking; teach learning strategies; use active learning techniques; and use classroom assessment techniques.