Instructional Technology in the Classroom

I will be presenting on the use of podcasting in my history course during a concurrent session at the National College for Learning Assistance Center conference in Atlanta on September 27, 2007. I am interested in having students in the classes become cocreators of the course along with me. We are using podcasts and wiki web pages as part of the venues for that learning objective. There are several web resources that you may want to check out to learn more. Lots of resources about the use of podcasting is available at a Web site that I maintain, Notes and referernces from my talk at the conference will be available at this site along with several narrated Power Point presentations that provide an overview to the use of podcasting.

My students and I use pocasting and wiki web pages to co-create the World History course that I teach here at the University of Minnesota. We create a weekly Internet podcast (radio-like) show that features contributions by me and the students on an overview of the textbook chapters, suggestions for study strategies, prerparing for the exams, and some music they like [from an authorized service that provides music for such purposes]. The podcast Web site is The wiki web pages features student summaries of the chapters and outlines of potential essay questions that may appear on the major exams. The wiki web page is located at

The EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research published a major national study on the use of Instructional Technology (IT). It explored many issues of interest to educators. What technologies do students use? How available is technology for them? What are their preferences for use of IT? One of their findings is that students prefer moderate use of IT. Most report that they want a blend of IT and "face-to-face" interaction with instructors and fellow students. The report is available at

Please share your comments about use of IT with your college courses.