Receiving an extraordinary gift: Tenure at the University of Minnesota

Greetings everyone,

After a long, long process I was recently awarded tenure at the University of Minnesota. I was promoted to Associate Professor. It has been such an amazing process. I have worked in postsecondary education for nearly 30 years. After beginning my career as a history instructor at Pratt Community College (KS) I moved on to Highland Community College (KS). These were small institutions, about 500 full-time students. Then I accepted a position at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Then in 2002 I received a wonderful opportunity to join colleagues at General College at the University of Minnesota.

People ask me what it has been like. For me, my journey has been exciting, hard, joyful, and most of the rest of emotions. But the best thing has been having colleagues, friends, and mentors from across the U.S. who have supported me. No one gets to this position by themselves. I have been fortunate to have had the support of so many.

Now it is my opportunity and responsibility to encourage and support others in their quests for attaining tenure at their institutions. I look forward to the opportunity.

Take care,