"What I am doing now . . ."

Maybe you have noticed a new addition to my blog page. In the upper right-hand corner of the page is a small section called "What I am doing now..." These are very short blog postings on what I am doing at the moment. Sometimes they are work related, sometimes just personal notes. At the time of this blog posting I had just placed a note about watching "Robin Hood" with Errol Flynn.

Why do I do this? I am testing out a new communication and community tool called "Twitter" available at http://twitter.com Twitter is a way to communicate with others on what you are doing. Some people do the same thing with postings to their Facebook page or sending text messages or using Instant Messager. Most people use Twitter to keep connected to their friends. Rather than going into the details of what Twitter does and how it does it, check out an online video at http://Twitter.com

What's my purpose? Inbetween the bigger blog postings to this blog page (I promise to be more regular now. See previous blog posting for why I have a little more time now.), the Twitter postings let you know what I am up to, both personally as well as job wise. My goal is to make several postings a day through Twitter and a posting to the blog several times a week.

Just another experiment with technology. :-)

Take care,