YouTube Video

Universal Design for Learning Explained by Kirk and Spock

Be sure to watch this six-minute video to understand the three basic principles of Universal Design for Learning. It was created using an online software program called Xtranormal. The odd behavior of Kirk and Spock are caused by the software. It is pretty funny but actually very accurate for understanding the three basic principles of UDL. Enjoy.

"A Christmas Carol" movie (1951 starring Alister Sims)

I think this is the best movie adaptation of Charles Dickens classic story. In his book, Dickens was actually making a social commentary about the disparity of life in London during the middle 1800s as well as communicate a powerful story of redemption and reconciliation. Especially note the scene when one of the ghosts tells Scrooge to fear the two children of 'want' and 'ignorance' and think of why those two ideas would be a threat to English society. I think Mr. Sims provides the perfect balance to the character. This part of the movie is missed by most of the movie versions who just want to play the story light and make it just a feel good story. The final result to the movies may be the same, but taking up the serious social commentary of Dickins in this movie makes the ending so much more satisfying and meaningful. Enjoy the movie from YouTube.

Monsters University: The Way All Colleges Should Set up Web Sites

I watched the Pixar animated movie, Monsters University, this evening. My history classes at University of Minnesota start up after Labor Day. As part of promotion for the movie, the Pixar animators created a website for the university with short videos touting the school's features, academic expectations, and the like. The website has been taken down (a victim of frequent hacking), but the short videos live on through a YouTube channel dedicated to it. In addition, to be very funny, the videos actually communicate some deep messages about belonging, academic and social opportunities, and the value of attending college. Take a look. Click on this link to go to the YouTube page so you can watch other videos.

Transforming Remediation: Understanding the Research, Policy, and Practice (Webinar)

Transforming Remediation:  Understanding the Research, Policy, and Practice was a webinar conducted October 4, 2013  highlights research into the problems of remediation, along with promising practices from community colleges across the country. Speakers include Complete College America’s Bruce Vandal, the California Acceleration Project’s Katie Hern, North Carolina’s Cynthia Lyston, and researcher Michelle Hodara. The webinar was co-sponsored by the American Youth Policy Forum and the American Institutes for Research. Through the California Acceleration Project, the state is seeking alternatives to traditinoal approaches of developmental-level courses for meeting the needs of the students and the state.